Too Prepared?

09 Jan

Ay.  So I guess I’m somewhat known to always be prepared…  To often have the right thing or the right tool at the right moment…  Which often means I’m lugging around a lot of “stuff.”  It’s not my fault!  I get it from my mom, and she probably doesn’t know it!  (Hi, Mom!)

So, I was taking stuff out of my car trunk today…  And I have a lot of duplicates of things!  Hmmm…  Which okay, takes up a LOT of space in my car, but more than that, weighs a TON!  And decreases my fuel economy… Haha…  I should do an experiment…  See how my fuel economy improves compared to the almost four years I’ve owned this car…  I should insert a jpg of a graph of the fuel economy thus far…  Ha!  And you KNOW I have one…  Well, that graph really doesn’t show anything.  What’s more interesting is seeing that I paid $0.919 per gallon of gas on January 1, 2002 – less than a dollar per gallon!  Yeah, yeah, these stats are already known, but to me, stats are more interesting when they are more personal.  Wow, and I can really see the differences in MPG trading an older-model Camry for a newer Corolla.  Approximately 18.5 MPG versus 28 MPG!  Okay, yes, yes 28 MPG doesn’t compare to, say, a hybrid, but well, no tengo dinero…  And I do ride the bus when I can.  Maybe one day I can trade up…

Oh, but I digress…  Duplicates in my trunk…

– TWO tire pressure gauges…  I bought the second when I read that dial gauges are more accurate than the “pencil” ones (or whatever they are called).  Maybe I should get a digital one now…  But I’ll hold off!  Ceteris paribus, I prefer things that don’t need batteries or don’t need to be plugged in…  Eg, I prefer a manual can opener over an electric one – plus it has the added bonus of taking less counter space.  But are all other things really equal between dial and digital gauges?  Equal enough right?  Hm…

– TWO tire inflators…  (You don’t want to be caught with an underinflated spare!)  One of those manual foot pumps, and then an electric one you plug into your cigarette lighter…  I got frustrated one time driving around to almost 10 different gas station looking for an air pump that worked!  I figured if I was going to keep my tires properly inflated every month, it was a good investment…  Which… I should probably start doing…  That thing just makes so much noise, though!  I don’t want to annoy the neighbors!  But now that I’ve remembered that I also have the manual one, I have no excuse!  So then…  Why did I by the electric one?  :)  For my spare???  Hm.

– TWO things that can be used to jump my car – do I really need two?  Yes?  But they weigh a lot!  Monster-sized, long heavy-duty jumper cables PLUS a “Jump Starter” that can be used when a good samaritan is not around.  And yes, I’ve used it before, and it DOES work!  But I’m afraid it’s going to fail me one day (or I’ll fail it by forgetting to recharge it)…

– TWO lug wrenches.  Actually I think i might actually have 3 or 4.  Two of the “cross” style though.  I’m not quite sure why.  I think I bought one when I realized my newly-purchased used car didn’t have one (and more torque can be more easily applied by wimpy Jane using the cross-style if she ever gets a flat than with the single-bar lug wrench that came with the car – verified from experience!  That’s the trick, ladies!  The cross-style lug wrench!  You don’t need a man!) and then somehow I acquired another one…

Okay, I guess it’s really not that much.  The battery jumpers are what are really taking up space and weighing down the car.  Hmm.

Okay.  Now I’m wondering why I even bothered to type up this blog…  How boring…  But since it’s already typed…  Here we go!  Post!  I’m talking to myself anyways!  :D

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